How to Set the Table for a Halloween Party

Setting the table for a Halloween party is a fun and creative task that allows you to embrace the spooky and festive spirit of the holiday. Decide on a specific Halloween theme for your party, such as a classic spooky, haunted house, a gothic vampire, or a cute and kid-friendly theme. Your theme will influence your table decor and color scheme.

Choosing the ideal dinnerware can be a daunting task, luckily, we are here to help! Paper plates are a convenient option, but they aren’t ideal for a formal dining room setting. If you are going through all the trouble of setting the table, you want to lead with your best plate forward. Our shatterproof melamine products are the safest option for a large holiday dinner party. We have some stunning black and white products that are sure to set the tone for your spooky Halloween-themed event.

Our premium Durango Formal dinnerware collection is sure to captivate your guests with the stark black and bright white color pattern. The brilliant white backdrop is the perfect blank canvas for your cuisine while the black accent color provides an ominous tone to your table setting. Try layering the dinnerware to give each place setting a dimensional expression. We recommend stacking the DB651GM soup bowl on top of the DG1098GM dinner plate respectively.

Durango Formal Round Bowl 8” dia. x 1 3/8” h., 10 oz., (DB651-GM/GG)
Durango Formal Round Plate 11” dia. x 1” h., (D1098-GM/GG)

Place additional ingredients such as cranberry sauce or gravy in the middle of the table in a small bowl, preferably with a handle. We recommend using our D42RR small bowl with a handle in black and white.

Durango Formal Bowl w/ 1 1/2” Handle 4 1/2” dia. x 2 1/2” h., 10 oz., (D42RR)

If you are also serving a salad as an appetizer, place the salad bowl just above the dinner plate and slightly off-center. The salad being just slightly to the left will leave room for an optional name card or party favor to be placed in front of each guest. If you are looking for the perfect salad bowl, we recommend using our 40oz D1008RR bowl in black and white. The soft matte texture on the outside contrasts the glossy, white-dimpled surface on the inside.

Durango Formal Round Bowl 8 3/8” dia. x 3 1/8” h., 40 oz., (D1008RR-GM/GG)

Double-check that your final touches are in place. If you are serving drinks, make sure to have appropriate drinkware and serving stations for your beverages. You can also add Halloween-themed drink stirrers or straws for extra flair. Check your table for symmetry and turn on any lighting or props to enhance the spooky atmosphere. Remember that Halloween is all about creativity and having fun, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your table decorations and make your Halloween party a memorable and spooky experience. If you are looking for some other fun and festive dinnerware products for your Halloween-themed dinner party, consider checking out our Pebble Creek, Tenaya, and Della Terra product lines. 

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