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What is Melamine?

Melamine, which begins in a powdered form, is an organic nitrogen-rich compound used for manufacturing a wide array of items including utensils, bowls, plates, serving trays, and drinkware. Melamine is a hard plastic that is heated, molded, and cured with strengthening compounds. The finished product becomes an extremely durable product ideal for a variety of useful applications.

Is Melamine Safe?

Elite Global Solutions’ melamine items are all BPA-free, FDA-approved and backed with a limited two-year warranty. The FDA’s Safety and Risk assessment of melamine states that the chemicals used in the production process will not migrate, or transfer, into food if it is not heated above 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Melamine is known for its low acute toxicity and is not classifiable according to its carcinogenicity in humans. The food-safe anti-bacterial properties of melamine make it an easy-to-clean alternative to traditional serveware.

Is Melamine Tolerant to Heat and Cold?

Melamine should never be used in a conventional oven, microwave oven or placed under a heat lamp for extended periods of time as it is an insulator, not a conductor, of hot and cold temperatures. The chemical properties of melamine allow temperatures as cold as -22 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 180 degrees Fahrenheit without breakage. Melamine’s insulating qualities make it ideal for cold food buffets, salad bars and deli display cases. Our premium melamine products are commercial dishwasher safe and come with specific care and use instructions to provide optimal cleaning results.

How Durable is Melamine?

Our 100% premium heavyweight melamine is scratch and chip-resistant to withstand heavy abuse over time. The melamine resin, after being heated and cured with strengthening compounds, becomes a shatterproof substance perfect for indoor and outdoor dining. The reusability of melamine products creates a substantially lower impact on the environment when compared to single use dinnerware. Due to decreased breakage, many restaurateurs enjoy the benefits of lower overhead costs associated with shrinkage. Although melamine is extraordinarily sturdy, it should never encounter serrated knives, harsh abrasive cleaners like chlorine bleach, or metal scouring pads to protect the surface.

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