Preparing your bar for New Year’s Eve can be a daunting and confusing task. There are so many responsibilities when prepping your bar or restaurant for a national holiday. Get ready for the big night by planning your drink menu, estimating quantities, purchasing the alcohol, deciding on drinkware, and decorating your party space. Remember, New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration, so enjoy the process of preparing your bar and be a responsible host by ensuring the safety and comfort of your guests.

Plan your necessary quantities of alcohol by deciding on your drink menu. Keep the ingredients simple while offering your guests a variety of drink options. Buying a diverse range of spirits will ensure that your guests will remain for the duration of your party. Be sure to offer non-alcoholic drink options for the guests who are designated drivers or don’t drink alcohol.

Stock up on a variety of mixers, including tonic water, soda, ginger beer, fruit juices, and bitters. Have sweeteners like simple syrup and grenadine on hand. Don’t forget to provide fresh herbs, such as mint, for cocktails. Popular alcoholic choices for New Year’s Eve include champagne, wine, beer, and spirits for cocktails. If possible, chill your spirits, wine and beer in advance to reduce the need for ice.

If you’re looking for the perfect drinkware for your bar or restaurant, you might have considered polycarbonate as an alternative to traditional glass. Drinkware is expensive to purchase and maintain, which has an impact on your overall budget. Let’s discuss some of the characteristics and costs associated with glass and polycarbonate drinkware.

Initially, the cost of polycarbonate drinkware is higher than glass. The reason behind the higher price tag is simple, polycarbonate has less breakage and will last much longer than glassware. The cost of ownership is where the value is realized based on the replacement rate. The annual replacement rate of plastic drinkware is anywhere from 10%-20%, whereas glass is more than double the rate at 50%-100%.

Glassware presents several safety issues when considering cuts and scrapes are the most common workplace injuries. Plastic drinkware is the most used material when considering outdoor restaurants due to its shatterproof design. Using plastic drinkware reduces the chances of injuries for your workers and guests. Finding solutions to minimize risks and reduce injury claims is critical to running a successful operation.

Consider adding some festive decorations to your bar area, such as New Year’s Eve banners, streamers, and confetti. Create a playlist or set up a music source to keep the party atmosphere lively. Offer some entertainment, such as games, photo booths or a countdown to the New Year. Encourage responsible drinking and be prepared to help guests find alternative transportation home if they’ve had too much to drink.