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Where’s Melamine Used?

Melamine is used in more products than you may think. It’s used to make a decorative film on laminate floors, countertops, walls, and other building materials. It is commonly added to wood and particle board to improve water resistance. Specially formulated melamine resins are used to produce highly durable coatings on metal, paper, fabric, and wood. Melamine resin is also used on paper products to improve wrinkle resistance and protect against moisture. The chemical properties of melamine also have flame-resistant properties which make it perfect for specialized paints, textile products, insulation, furniture, and bedding.

Melamine’s unique qualities open an entirely new world of possibilities when it comes to conceptual dining options. Elite Global Solutions’ quality of service and innovation is renowned throughout the food service industry. Our products are used by many of the world’s forward-thinking hotels, restaurants, universities, food service operators, supermarkets, and caterers. When you choose Elite Global Solutions products, you are choosing the classic look of porcelain, stoneware, marble, and wood without breakage. All our products are dishwasher-safe and designed to handle both hot and cold food applications. Elite Global Solutions proudly serves these food service industries, one plate at a time.

  • Grocery – Melamine’s insulating properties make it the most practical option for food storage and display. This unique temperature holding capability is why grocery stores commonly use melamine to showcase food products in deli cases, bakeries and refrigerators.
  • Universities – the first use of melamine was on Naval ships as mess ware, due to its high durability features. Similarly, universities around the world use melamine dining products to minimize breakage and increase profitability.
  • Poolside Dining – Melamine allows hotels, caterers, and restaurants to elegantly serve their food in areas where glass is universally prohibited. With the help of melamine serveware, companies can achieve high-end presentations with outdoor-friendly serveware.
  • Pizzerias – Melamine replaces traditional wooden pizza peels when it comes to serving presentation. The anti-bacterial properties of melamine make EGS pizza peels a safe alternative to porous wood serveware.
  • Fast Casual Dining – The fast-paced dining concept offers the convenience of restaurant-quality food without full-service dining. Melamine shines in these environments where high-quality dinnerware is used to increase presentation without sacrificing durability.
  • Hospitality – Resorts, hotels, and motels rely heavily on melamine products for serving utensils, soap dishes, drinkware, serveware and dinnerware. Melamine is the best choice for this industry due to its durability and long product lifespan.

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