Elite Global Solutions is proud to introduce a serveware line made uniquely for exceptional catering, dining, and buffet potential. The new Tenaya serveware products are available in three cutting-edge designs: granite stone, off-white, and black. Tenaya’s design was inspired by the iconic lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

The hammered texture of each piece adds to the durability and beauty of the products. Irregular edges and asymmetrical shapes offer an unconventional approach to modern serving concepts. Pair the large platters and trays with rubber-coated steel pedestals to elevate your display and add dimensional allurement. 

Pictured above is our Tenaya Serveware paired with our Rubber Coated Pedestals.

Tenaya’s serveware collection seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, providing a sophisticated solution for serving culinary delights in various settings. The products boast elegant contours and a sleek finish, elevating the presentation potential of any dish. The premium melamine construction ensures the plates, bowls, and trays withstand the rigor of frequent use.

Pictured above is our Tenaya Serveware in all three colors: Granite Stone, Off-White, and Black.

The product line embraces a variety of styles and designs allowing you to find the perfect match for your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a classic timeless look or a modern aesthetic, Tenaya products cater to every occasion. Improve your dining experience with our thoughtfully curated collection that redefines the art of presentation and service. Contact sales@egsfoodservice.com for more information or to request samples for your business.